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Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is the change about?
  2. a. In line with the prevalent industry practices, we have finalised to make a decision to transition the General Mills India PF trust operations to EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organisation) managed by Government of India.

  3. Will this change apply to all employees?
  4. a. YES. This change will happen at the organisation level hence applicable to all exited and active employees of General Mills India Pvt Ltd.

  5. What is difference between in-house PF Trust and EPFO?
  6. a. In case of in-house PF Trust, the PF part of the employees is administered and managed by the Trustees of the General Mills India Staff PF Trust. Accordingly, the PF balance statement is issued by the in-house PF Trust, the NRW or permanent withdrawals are managed by the in-house PF Trust.

    b. EPFO i.e. Employees Provident Fund Organisation is an Organisation formed under the Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 administered and managed by Government of India.

  7. Where can I see my current PF balance?
  8. a. For current PF balance, you may log in to VPD Portal. Click on Provident Fund → Balance.

  9. Can I make a withdrawal after 30th June 2024?
  10. No, 30th June 2024 is the last date for any PF related application.

  11. What is an UAN (Universal Account Number)?
  12. a. UAN is a unique identification number assigned to Employee Provident Fund i.e employees contributing towards PF. It helps in tracking and managing EPF accounts across different jobs and employers.

  13. How can I get my UAN?
  14. a. UAN is generated by the employer in the month of joining. It is mentioned on the monthly salary slips.

    b. For employees who transfer their PF from previous organisation, they can get UAN from previous organisation.

  15. How can I update my KYC in EPFO?
  16. Follow these steps:
    a. Visit the EPFO Member e-Sewa Portal.

    b. Log in using your UAN, password, and captcha.

    c. Under the “Manage” tab, select the “KYC” option.

    d. Link your PAN, bank account, and Aadhaar details to your UAN.

    e. Save your changes, and your request will be displayed as "KYC Pending for Approval".
    i. The Employer will then proceed to approve the KYC as uploaded by you.
    ii. Detailed Manual is attached – EPFO Member e-Sewa Portal Guide.

  17. What are the documents that I can submit as KYC in EPFO?
  18. No documents are required to be uploaded on the EPFO Member e-Sewa Portal for KYC. However, the member must provide the below details –
    a. Aadhar number, Name as per Aadhar
    b. PAN, Name as per PAN
    c. Savings Bank Account Number, Name as per Bank Account & IFSC.
    d. In case of International Worker, Passport details such as Name as per Passport, Passport Number & Validity period.
    Detailed Manual is attached – EPFO Member e-Sewa Portal Guide.

  19. Will a new UAN get created or my current UAN change as result of this transition from PF Trust to EPFO?
  20. a. No. The same UAN will continue.

  21. Who can I reach out to if I have queries on this change?
  22. a. You can reach out on