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2020 Programs and Partnerships

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Programs and Partnerships 2020

We believe in the power of giving back to our communities through consistent and focused efforts which help nurture the true potential of society. As a company we work with NGOs and organizations who also help us in reaching out to our local communities in an organized and effective manner.

As part of our #GStandsForGood initiatives we have implemented some of the below programmes:

Tree Plantation

We believe that environmental awareness with a keen focus on Regenerative agriculture is something that can positively change the future. At General Mills India, we have upheld our social responsibility through sustainable agriculture by investing our efforts in awareness drives like tree plantation drives, plant parenting etc.

We often do tree plantation drives to promote green living and have planted about 15,000 plants in around the city of Mumbai. Trees are the lifeline of the community and planting them across the city was something that we saw as a small but constructive step towards sustainable environmental change.


Plant Parenting

To "be the change" in the upliftment of the environment, we organise workshops on plantation and then distribute saplings amongst employees who in turn nurture and grow these plants at home. More than 700 employees have volunteered for this and are proud plant parents.

beach cleanup

Beach Clean Up

Our GIC employees cleared up a whopping 1600 kilograms of garbage during various beach clean-up drives. Braving the sun and the sand, we made this effort only because we believe that a clean environment is something that is equally important as all other environmental efforts.

udaan mini meal

Udaan Mini Meals (Nutrition Funding)

General Mills India partners with Udaan India Foundation, to support 1,12,500 mini meals for 450 kids at Udaan Learning Centre every year. The objective of this program is to provide these children with nutritious meals that alleviate the nutrient deficiencies and keep them in school until they have completed their secondary school education.

Nutrition Awareness Program

Nutrition Awareness Program

In collaboration with our NGO partners, we strive to fight malnutrition by equipping young children with the knowledge they need to make healthier food choices. We believe children have the power to be agents of change in society and help combat nutrition deficiency. Our General Mills India employees actively volunteer at the Learning Centre, imparting knowledge to students on Nutrition Awareness.

Mid-Day Meal Program

Mid-Day Meal Program

Ever since its inception, General Mills has been a pioneer in providing sustainable food security for communities across the globe. In India, we have partnered with several NGOs who work relentlessly at the grassroots level. In collaboration with World Food Programme's local partners, we support our NGO partners in reaching approximately 420,000 children every day and giving them access to a nourishing & balanced school meal.


Women Empowerment

The core purpose of the initiatives that are carried out in collaboration with our NGO partners Udaan India Foundation and BAIF is to strengthen the community through empowerment via Livelihood and educational opportunities.

General Mills India is happy to support such initiatives which shift the focus back to the people who need it the most. We firmly believe that when hometown communities are strengthened, we can see a brighter future together.

Since 2009 we have been working to provide techniques, material, and seeds etc to 2000+ women in 31 villages for helping them create Livelihood opportunities through Kitchen gardening, vermi compost, poultry, sewing machines etc.

Girl Scholarship and Mentoring

Girl Scholarship and Mentoring

Since 2015 we provide monetary scholarships to girl students at tribal area of Akole (BAIF) and in Mumbai (PFNDA) each year till graduation. Our employees volunteer to mentor the students and help them in choosing and starting their career.

internship opportunities

Internship Opportunities

Since 2017 we have been providing opportunities in different functions like SC and FSS for internship. We are also planning internships in the Plants soon.

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CSR Highlights
FY 20
Approved Projects CSR Spend (in INR)
Beach Cleanup Activities 157500
Education Support 566250
Udaan Mini Meals 400000
Nutrition Awareness Program 984034
PFNDAI Sponsorship 200000
School Clean up 119000
Tree Plantation Drive 373000
Women Empowerment 551500
Udaan Learning Centre and School Support Program 1100000