Communicate, collaborate, transform, thrive

We aspire to a high growth trajectory by transforming our business in India. We strive to create an agile and enterprising  workforce by investing in people and empowering them to drive this transformation.

General Mills India was recognised as one of the top employers in the country in 2016 by Great Places to Work Institute. We are  proud to be best-in class even when compared to external benchmarks.

Our key focus is to enable our employees to communicate and  collaborate across the length & breadth of the organization.

As a people’s organisation, our leaders take keen interest in creating an enriching work environment for all our employees.

We motivate our employees to set the bar high and continually recognize them for their achievements .

Mind of a multinational heart of a startup

Consumer-first innovation has been the defining feature across our heritage, which began in the United States in 1866. A pioneer in breakfast cereals (Cheerios, Wheaties, Lucky Charms), yoghurt (Yoplait) and baking products (PillsburyBetty Crocker), we have developed deep consumer understanding in India.

Our innovation includes Cooker Cake (enabling Indian mothers to bake a cake without an oven in a cooker or an idli stand), Tawa Pizza (making pizzas as easy to make as Rotis) and Milk Choco-Spread (a nutritious way to get kids the nourishment they need)

Employee Empowerment
Our employees are empowered to think fast and act boldly.

The entrepreneurial vein of General Mills allows this to happen because of flat hierarchy, simplified processes and low turnaround time. We plan constantly and we see our ideas come to life quickly.

Here is what our interns have to say:

"I interned at General Mills last summer and recommended a few products. Six months later, my project guide informed me that one of my ideas was going to hit the shelves, with modifications and improvements of course. That was the most rewarding feeling ever! I had discussed plans with the leadership during my mid-term internship review and I actually got the go-ahead to implement them in the next month and that too, on a strategic brand like Häagen-Dazs. That doesn’t happen too often, does it?"

Think fast and act boldly, indeed!

Our Culture
Employee engagement surveys highlight the cultural elements that unite the General Mills team:

"I like the feel and the smell of this place, the energy that thrives and pulsates in this place is viral."

"There is a high degree of freedom that allows one to innovate, and gives you the permission to fail as long as you learn and move forward. The organisation is flat, the leadership team is hands-on: we roll up our sleeves and work together with the team"