Pillsbury celebrates Superbrand Status, re-launches Chakki Fresh Atta

February, 2009

Mumbai, February, 2009: General Mills India Pvt. Ltd. celebrates the 10th year of Pillsbury Atta in India with Pillsbury being awarded the Superbrand status for the second time in a row. This is also a landmark year, as Pillsbury Atta is re-launched on a "whole grain" health platform, which highlights the benefits of "whole grain" atta with fibre, iron and other nutrients.

Pillsbury celebrates Superbrand status
Pillsbury won the first Superbrand award in the Atta category in 2006-07, followed by the second now in 2008-09. Pillsbury is the only atta brand to have ever won the coveted Superbrand accolade.

Superbrand is an independent brand arbiter that originated in the United Kingdom in 1993 and is now truly a global concept with operation in 82 countries across the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. Superbrand is considered the Oscar of branding.

The Superbrand selection in India is based on a research done amongst 19,011 consumers who rate the brands across a wide spectrum of attributes. Only brands that have received a score greater than 6/10 are selected (20% of all brands). This list is then sent to a second round of evaluation where a Superbrand Council provides independent scrutiny and assesses the brands on the list.

Mr. Anmol Dar, Chairman of Superbrand Council says, "Often brands drop off the consumer's map of choices because they erred in understanding market needs or simply allowed a competitor to encroach upon their territory. In 2007 Pillsbury became one of the youngest brands in India to gain the Superbrand status. That they have retained their position two years later must be seen as a tribute to their skills in a market where more than 90% is still controlled by the unorganized sector."

Pillsbury turns 10, re-launches Chakki-Fresh Atta
Pillsbury has always led the branded atta category with leading edge innovation. This began with the launch in 1998 where Pillsbury was the first atta to provide "six hour softness" to consumers. In 2004, Pillsbury Atta was re-launched as the first atta to educate consumers on whole wheat being "Good for the Family's Heart." In 2008, Pillsbury takes the "wellness" platform to the next level by educating consumers on the benefits of "whole grain atta." This is especially relevant as the bran (skin of the grain) is often lost in the milling process. Pillsbury's controlled process ensures you get all the parts of the grain - including the bran - giving you the benefits of 100% whole grain atta.

Today, whole grain is increasingly being recognized as a key source of healthy living. Whole grain consists of three parts of the grain: bran, endosperm and germ. Bran is a rich source of fibre, vitamins & minerals. Endosperm contains carbohydrates and proteins, and the germ is rich in nutrients. All three parts work together in a powerful way to keep you healthy. Pillsbury whole grain atta provides fibre, which is important for a healthy digestive system, natural nutrients for overall health and vitality, and iron, which acts as a carrier of oxygen in the body.

Mr. Anindo Mukherji, Managing Director of General Mills India Pvt. Ltd. says "Riding on the health wave, General Mills is re-enforcing its mission of making the Indian diet healthier, easier and richer by educating the consumer about the benefits of whole wheat grain,  which provides  fibre, iron and natural nutrients."

Commenting on the marketing mix, Gayatri Yadav, Marketing Director, General Mills India Pvt. Ltd says, "The re-launch signifies a strategic reinforcement for Pillsbury Atta on the brand platform of 'Wellness.' The re-launch is founded on a simple insight that consumers are seeking simple ways to "shift" to a healthier lifestyle. These are evolutionary and not revolutionary in nature and could include using the stairs instead of the lift, going for a morning walk and seeking healthier options in foods. The re-launch of Pillsbury Atta has been supported by a new packaging, new advertising and a high-powered media and activation plan. The new TV commercial with its iconic "shift to a healthy choice" tagline goes beyond detailing the benefits of 100% whole grain atta to promoting a healthy lifestyle. We have tied up with Simran, a popular South Indian cine star to help spread the health message."

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