Pillsbury Atta with Multi Grain: “7 Grains to Keep Your Family Seven Steps Ahead”

8 December, 2008

MUMBAI - General Mills India Pvt. Ltd. announces the launch of Pillsbury Atta with Multi Grain - a unique offering of wheat plus six grains blended in the right proportions to provide the family with all-round wholesome, nutritional goodness. This is a lead market launch in the key metro markets of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

“This initiative is in line with the General Mills’ mission of Nourishing Lives by making consumers lives healthier, easier & richer. With over 135 years of experience in wheat and grain-based products, General Mills has always been in the forefront of providing its consumers with healthy, tasty and convenient food products”, said Mr. Anindo Mukherji, Managing Director of General Mills India.

While grains have been an essential part of the Indian tradition, the challenges of modern, urban living makes it difficult for consumers to source, grind and blend grains in the right proportions. Identifying this as a core need, General Mills presents Pillsbury Atta with Multi-Grains, a unique blend of wheat, soy, oats, maize, raagi, chana dal and barley.

Pillsbury Atta with Multi-Grain offers consumers health, taste and convenience and meets consumers’ growing demand for healthier food. PAMG is a good source of fiber, iron, proteins, calcium and vitamins – all coming together to provide a one-stop wholesome nutrition, without compromising taste or the soft texture of the chapatis.

The equivalent of about three chapattis made with PAMG (or 100g) fulfill 45% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance for calcium and vitamins B1 & B2; 24% of iron and 27% of protein. This makes it a wholesome, convenient option for moms to deliver nutritional goodness to the family everyday.

The product has been endorsed by Mallika Badrinath, the leading culinary expert of South India. Mallika Badrinath, a household name, has published more than 2,500 recipes in 22 cookbooks in five languages. She has hosted TV shows for 12 years and has won national awards for her culinary expertise.

“Her endorsement is a great testimony of her confidence in Pillsbury Atta with Multi Grain,” says Gayatri Yadav, Marketing Director, General Mills India. “Mallika Badrinath will be able to bring a lot of awareness about the product’s convenient wholesomeness, particularly to the health-conscious consumers.”

Pillsbury Atta with Multi Grain is available in 1 kg (Rs 39) and 5 kg (Rs.180/-) pack sizes in select stores in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

About General Mills India Pvt. Ltd
Since 1996, General Mills India has introduced many branded food products into the Indian market, including Pillsbury Atta, Pillsbury dessert mixes, Betty Crocker mixes, Green Giant canned corn, Nature Valley granola bars and Häagen-Dazs super-premium ice-cream. General Mills India also has a vibrant exports business as well as a Bakeries & Foodservice division.

About General Mills
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